Living Marine Aquarium 2

Living Marine Aquarium 2

Animated screensaver simulating an aquarium
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An animated screensaver bringing all kinds of fish, marine plants, a coral reef and other swimming creatures directly on your screen. It doesn't feature a music soundtrack, but you will hear the sounds from the bubbles made by the fish and plants.

Living Marine Aquarium 2 is an animated screensaver that turns your screen into an aquarium. When your computer becomes idle, this screensaver displays a colorful and relaxing scene with marine plants, fish and other underwater creatures, and with a coral reef in the background. All the while you hear the sound of bubbles coming from your speakers.

You can access its settings through the Screen Saver Settings window of your operating system. You will then be able to modify video options (such as the resolution, the color depth, and - for more realistic results - the volume lighting, the overall caustics and the caustic lighting on the fish), as well as choosing the type and quantity of marine creatures you want your screensaver to have. The "Aquarium" tab will let you customize your background, foreground, the sounds, the look-and-feel of the water surface, and the plant movements.

You can also choose between one of the three available backgrounds, and even configure the screensaver to use any of them successively.

Daniel Ángel Romero
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